Delaina Noire

Aquiver Model


Headshot <3

Delaina For Hemlock By Sylvia

Delaina For Celline Subzero by Tessa

Delaina For Brunello May Cover by Fatima

Delaina for Fiorel by Gucci


-Get a campaign ✽
-Get a cover ✽┆
-Walk a show ✽
-Rank up + get top model some day ✽┆
-Become an HR some day ✽
-Make promos for the group ✽


Walked: Fiorel x Miaou Spring Show, Solar x Ferrero mini show, Celline Subzero

Campaigned: LV, Aquiver, Celline, Brunello
Covers: 2
Groups owned: 2. Successful? 1

Reasons Why I should Walk for AQFW1. I believe my persona would suit the looks, especially italy if it ends up with a very artistic factor.
2. The cutesiness of my persona would make a contrast with the high intensity.
3. I have produced a good campaign in the past and I think I will be producing one for this as well.
4. I want to prove that I can be versatile in all aspects of AQ not just the cute side.